Spiritual development mentor and soul guide | HeartScaping

It’s time to get out of your head, remember who you are and trust that inner voice that has been guiding you all along…

The key to a successful life and business is figuring out what you really want and how to get it while enjoying the process…

Sounds easy enough, right?… yet I bet you’ve been struggling to cut through the noise, find your flow and fully trust yourself…

Here’s why: you’ve spent so long being told what you should want or what you can have… and what life is supposed to look and feel like.

So somewhere along the way, you forgot how to trust yourself…

But you found your way here and that’s no accident!

I’m Cha Higginson, The Soul Strategist.

I’m, here to help you:

✨Understand what you yearn for deep down without knowing how to explain,

✨Grow beyond the old patterns that have been playing out in your life and release them,

✨Create the life you came here to live with unshakeable confidence and playfulness. 

I'm Cha,
Vibrational Artist, Shamanic Healer and Heartscaping Mentor.

I help awakening individuals, heart-centered entrepreneurs and visionary leaders find their true path, expand to their next level of fulfilment and abundance and fully commit to their Soul mission with ease and confidence.

Just like every living thing on this planet, you are designed to thrive… in the right conditions.

You need a safe environment to find stability, guidance to strengthen your  power and support to reach your potential.

YOU have something that no-one else has.  Let’s discover exactly what that is and how to make the most of it! 


I do not fit the stereotype often associated with my industry.
I do the Spiritual stuff, but without the fluff.  

My super power is finding the essence in things.
This enables me to see into your Soul and speak straight to your Heart, leading unconsciousness into awareness.  

I have the utmost respect for the Mind and work closely with your subconscious programming to release what is holding you back and reconnect you to the deeper knowing of your Intuition.  

What drives me more than anything is helping you access your brilliance, that unique potential and passion that lies deep within you.

I do this in a mystical yet practical way.  Let's rise together.